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Our publications will help you gain new clients for your business. Each one has a very targeted audience and produce results!

SLAprilSuperstition Living celebrating the lifestyle we enjoy around base of the Superstition Mountains.

This monthly magazine is circulated via mail to 10,000 homes from Mountain View Road east through Queen Creek. In addition to circulation via mail we have almost 700 subscribes who read the magazine via the internet. That website is SuperstitionLiving.com

You'll also find copies of Superstition Living at the AJ Chamber of Commerce, the Visitor Center in Gold Canyon and many banks and businesses in the area. Of course,  you can drop by our office at 386 S. Ironwood Drive for current copies and advertising information.

CarriageManorJanThe Carriage Manor Rumble Sheet is published during the “winter visitor season” (October thru March). Most individuals in this resort own their lots. In the summer and in the winter residents maintain their property thru services found in the seasonal publications. Circulate for each of this magazine is over 1,000 during the winter months.

RoadhavenMarchThe Roadhaven Review is the monthly publication for residents of the Roadhaven RV park. This is primarily a "winter visitor" park and the publication is only printed September thru March. There's always lots of activities in the park. Many residents own their own lot and "park model" and continue to visit year after year.

Both Carriage Manor and Roadhaven RV Resort are "gated communities" and these magazines are the best way to reach these active seniors.

MtBkMarchThe MountainBrook Village Mountaineer is a very focused publication circulated inside the housing development of the same name. It is published monthly and residents read it very thoroughly for events and entertainment in this prestigious community. It is also a valuable source of services and products for the village. The circulation is 1,700 homes.

MtBPhoneIn MountainBrook Village we also publish a Yearly Phone Book. We all know that phone books don't enjoy the popularity the have in the past but you need to remember the average age of the MtBrook resident. These people want to receive their phone book and respond to advertising in that book. It's a great way to remain visible in this community all year long.

AJCCTwo other publications which are not technecially "ours" but are a part of our business are the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce yearly directory and the Future of Water publsihed by the Rural Water Association of Arizona. In you have an interest in either of these publications please call us.RuralWaterMarch

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